Sunday, October 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 10-17-11

Last week's menu went very well. I think that menu planning is definitely a way to keep us on budget and to keep me from wondering what I am going to make for dinner. This week is another week of closing shifts for my husband so I will be in charge of making dinner for 5 of the 7 nights. Here's the plan:

Monday - Chicken Parmesan

Tuesday - Carnitas Tacos (using leftover pork)

Wednesday - Cheesy Potato Soup

Thursday - Shrimp, fries, and broccoli

Friday - Eggs, Toast, Smoothies

Saturday - At a friend's jewelry party

Sunday - BBQ Shredded Pork, chopped Asian salad

Monday, October 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - October 10th

We are entering a new phase in our life so I am going to try something new. My husband, Chris, is going back to work after almost 5 years as a stay at home parent. While we are sad that Daddy won't be home as much, we are truly blessed to have my mom watching our children. So in an attempt to stay on grocery budget and to not be running around like a crazy person because I don't know what I am making for dinner, I am going to try menu planning. Here is our first menu plan for this week!

Monday - Lemon Pepper Chicken, jasmine rice, and broccoli

Tuesday - $5 Domino's Pizza (Tasty Tuesday event at our apt complex), cake and ice cream for Lauren's 7th Birthday!

Wednesday - Spaghetti, salad

Thursday - Tacos with all the fixings

Friday - French Toast and Eggs, Strawberry Banana Smoothies

Saturday - Chili and party munchies at Lauren's Birthday Party

Sunday - Leftover night

I am hoping that this will help me get a hang of doing the grocery shopping again and to utilize what is in my pantry first. When I went grocery shopping today, I first checked my pantry to plan my meals. After I inventoried the pantry, I made a list of what I needed to complete the meals. This is a huge money and time saver at the store! Just stick to your list and you won't overspend!