Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Michele's Mailbox

All this stuff came in the mail this week and it's only Tuesday! So far I have received the following....

*My Staples Rewards gift certificate for $26.70. The majority of this reward was from a deal at Staples in December where you purchased up to two 20-packs of Duracell batteries for $12.99 each. Then you received a Staples Reward for the full amount...making them FREE! I am so thankful for this reward because I recently broke the memory card for our camera. This will pay for a new one and I can probably still get a pack of printer paper too! Because you know I need paper to print my coupons. :)

*A $25 Target Gift Card! This is a reward from MyPoints. If you haven't heard of MyPoints, you earn points by shopping through their site, reading emails, and completing surveys. I just read the emails and complete surveys. Once you have enough points, you can cash them in for gift cards. If you are interested in signing up with MyPoints, let me know and I can send you a referral email.:) It's FREE!!!

*Coupons for FREE Oreo Cakesters and a $1 off Oreo Cakesters. These coupons came from Kraft First Taste. This is a Kraft site you can join to give feedback on their products. I have received coupons for many products including Digiorno Pizza, Wheat Thins, and Easy Mac. Most of their coupons are either for FREE products or are high value.

*Two coupons for $1 off Gorton's Seafood. I sent an email to Gorton's because one of the boxes of fish filets we purchased was short a filet. Gorton's was nice enough to send me some coupons for my trouble. :)

*My first Big Fat Check from Ebates for $14.92! Shop at tons of different stores like Old Navy, Target, Gap, Staples....the list goes on and on! My recent deal at OldNavy.com scored me some cash toward my next Big Fat Check. Woo hoo! When you shop through Ebates you earn a percent of your order back. These amounts acrue in your amount and are paid out quarterly. My check is for purchases made between October 1 and December 31 and was paid out on February 15.

I just love checking the mail! Don't you?

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  1. please let me know about mypoints?Sounds like a easy thing to do.No I really don't like to go to my mailbox......Always so much junk!!!. Thought that I was going to say bills didn't ya.