Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Heart Swagbucks!

One of the ways I make supplementary income is SwagBucks. What is SwagBucks you ask? SwagBucks is a search engine. I use their site to do all my regular searching on the web. You can even download a toolbar to use and easily search. When you search using SwagBucks you are periodically awarded their currency - "SwagBucks." You can then use the SwagBucks to purchase prizes. There are a ton of prizes available on their site i.e. video games, posters, DVDs, name it.

My favorite prizes by far are the gift cards. There are many gift cards available to purchase with your SwagBucks...Starbucks, Target, Barnes and Noble, even Mastercard. My favorite gift card is for They are only 45 SwagBucks for a $5 gift card. I have cashed in my SwagBucks for $30 worth of gift cards over the last 3 months. The only thing I have to do to earn $30 from Amazon is use SwagBucks as my search engine. That is $30 FREE....I didn't have to do anything extra to earn them. I highly recommend SwagBucks to everyone! If you are interest in joining, there is a link to sign up on the left side of the page. When you sign up, they will automatically start you out with 3 SwagBucks!

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