Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday Finals 12/4 and November Totals

Well I'm overbudget this week again. :( But I'm underbudget for the month and I will show you how. Here are my totals for the week:

Target - 2 trips
Total Spent: $83.13

Total Spent: $12.20

Weekly Total: $95.13

For the month of November, I spend $344.84. This is $24.84 over budget. But I received $67.50 of rebate checks in the month of November as well. All rebate money received was for food purchases. If you account for rebates received my monthly food budget looks like this:

Monthly Food Budget: $320.00

November Grocery Purchases: $344.84

Rebate Checks Received: $67.50

Purchases minus Rebates: $277.34

This means that I was actually under budget by $42.66. Success! I love coupons and rebates!

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