Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Safeway Deals

I have never been a big Safeway shopper but they have recently had some awesome deals that I have taken advantage of. Safeway is unique in that you can load digital coupons onto your club card AND they can be used in conjunction with a "paper" coupon. I have known about this for awhile but have not tried to take advantage of it. I was inspired to give it a try the other day when my friend told me how much she was saving at Safeway (thanks, Lisa!). Some examples of the great deals I got using e-coupons and paper coupons together.

Bisquick Baking Mix, $2.59 each
-.60/1 Cellfire E-coupon
-.60/1 Shortcuts E-coupon
-.60/1 MQ from insert, doubled
Total: 19 cents!!!

(2) Green Giant Frozen Boxed Veggies, $1.29 each
-.50/1 X 2 Cellfire E-coupon
-.50/1 Shortcuts E-coupon
-.50/2 printable MQ, doubled
Total: 4 cents each!!!!

As you see, you can load e-coupons from different sites. When you purchase an item all the e-coupons loaded on your card for a particular item will be used. So if you have 3 different e-coupons loaded, they will all apply to one item. You can still use a paper coupon for the item as well. This is a great way to pick up some super cheap products. I was also able to get 2 cans of Dole Tropical Fruit for 25 cents each and 3 boxes of Chex Cereal for $1 each. :)

If you are a Safeway Club Card holder, you can load coupons to your card from Softcoin, Shortcuts, PGeSaver, and Cellfire. Safeway even has e-coupons on their site, which is where I found the e-coupon for the Dole fruit. I am loving Safeway e-coupons and can't wait to take advantage of them again.

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