Saturday, March 6, 2010

Michele's Mailbox this week

**not pictured $3 MIR from Sam Adams

It was a great week in my mailbox! I received tons of coupons and $27 worth of mail in rebates!

*$20 MIR from Diageo - received a $20 rebate when you purchase $50 of groceries - no beer purchase required :) (Geez how easy is this one? You grocery shop and mail your receipt and rebate form. Anyone can do that!)

*$4 MIR from Sam Adams WYB Meat

*$3 MIR from Sam Adams WYB a gift card

*FREE 12-pack of Coke coupon from My Coke Rewards

*$1 coupon on chicken, beef, or produce - found this one in the produce section. You had to purchase two Wishbone dressings and then mail away for the coupon. I believe I was able to get the Wishbone dressing for free after coupon. So I made a $1 on that deal!

*$15 in coupons from Proctor and Gamble (coupons for products like Dawn, Cascade, Bounty and Gain)

*$10 in coupons from Betty Crocker

*$17 in coupons from ConAgra (coupons for products like Manwich, Hunt's, Egg Beaters, and Kid Cuisine)

Coupons and rebates rock! Love checking my mailbox every day :)

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