Sunday, May 23, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles

I ran over to Harris Teeter after work on Friday to take advantage of their super doubles event. I had an hour to kill before my little boy woke up from his nap and we could go out to dinner. I was pretty pleased with the deals I was able to get. If you aren't familiar with super doubles at Harris Teeter. They will periodically have a week where they will double coupons with a value of $1.98 and under. They will double 20 coupons per day per household.

(2) Dole 4-pack Fruit Bowls, $1.99 each
-.75/2 Dole Fruit Bowls 4/25 SS, doubled
Final Price: $1.24 each

(1) 44-ounce Classico Sauce (The big jar!), $4.99 each
-$2/1 VIC Savings
-$1.50/1 Classico Sauce 4/25 SS, doubled
Final Price: FREE!

(1) Weber Roasted Garlic Seasoning, $2.90 each
(1) Weber Mango Lime Seasoning, $2.90 each
-$1.91/1 X 2 E-VIC Savings (E-VIC offers target different customers and aren't available to everyone)
-$1/2 Weber Seasonings from a wine tag, doubled
Final Price: Both FREE!

(1) McCormick Black Peppercorns, $2.55
-$1/1 McCormick Herb or Seasoning 4/25 RP, doubled
Final Price: 55 cents :)

(1) TGIFridays Buffalo Chicken Snacks, $3.49
-.15/1 VIC Savings
-$1.50/1 TGIFridays Snack printable (no longer available), doubled
Final Price: 34 cents!

(1) TGIFridays Mozzarella Sticks, $3.49
-.15/1 VIC Savings
-$1.50/1 TGIFridays Snack printable (no longer available), doubled
Final Price: 34 cents!

(1) Red Baron 12-inch pizza, $4.99
-$1/1 VIC Savings
-$1.02/1 E-VIC Savings
-$1.50/1 Red Baron Pizza 4/25 SS, doubled
Final Price: FREE

(2) Sorrento Cheese Sticks, $4.99 each
-$1.30/1 X 2 VIC Savings
-$1/1 X 2 Sorrento Cheese MQ found in a previous bag, doubled
Final Price: $1.69 each plus I can send for the $5 Sorrento Cheese Rebate so this is actually a $1.62 moneymaker!

(2) YoPlus 4-pack yogurt, $2.59 each
-.59/1 X 2 VIC Savings
-.71/1 X 2 E-VIC Savings
-.55/1 X 2 YoPlus peelie (found on package), doubled
Final Price: 19 cents each :)

(2) Oscar Mayer DeliFresh Ham, $3.79 each
-$1.50/1 X 2 Oscar Mayer DeliFresh printable (only available for Kraft First Taste members), doubled
Final Price: 79 cents each!

My total before VIC Savings and coupons was $52.65. My total after savings, coupons, and rebates is $4.64! That is a savings of 91%!! Woo hoo!! That is one of my best savings percentages yet!


  1. Where do you find the best deals? Harris T or Safeway?You doing mention Giant often is it not worth it? as in Savings?

  2. I like to shop at a couple of stores to find the best deals. I will shop at Giant if I see a really great promotion. I like HT because they have triples or super doubles every other month. Safeway is cool because you can combine e-coupons and paper coupons for free stuff. I think I save the most money by only buying what is on a great deal at each store. Chris buys all our produce at Wegs because it is the best! I think I am averaging about $75 a week right now. :)

  3. Are you joking? Only $75.00 a week???? great job. For a family of 4 and one little boy that loves to eat:0

  4. No joke. :) It is like a game to me now....the lower I get it the better. I need to do a post about my last HT trip. Got 4 bottles of Kraft Dressing and made $3. Wooooooo hoooooo!

  5. Let the game continue on....