Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stockpiling plus Harris Teeter - E-Vic Savings

You might have noticed that I haven't had any amazing deal-catching shopping trips the last couple of weeks. There haven't been any incredible deals that I had to have. To tell you the truth, we haven't needed to shop for much. Our pantry and freezer are stocked up. We have plenty of meat, frozen veggies, side dishes, snacks, drinks, etc. The hubbie has been able to pick up milk, bread, and fresh produce after work a couple of times. Other than that, we haven't bought anything. My method of shopping is stockpiling. We don't only eat what I post on this blog. As I mentioned before, we have a stockpile of food in our freezer and pantry. Though if anyone sees an amazing deal on ground beef, let me know. I am on the lookout for a GREAT ground beef deal so I can stock the freezer back up. :)

I did head to Harris Teeter this morning to grab 2 newspapers. Coupons! Got have my coupons. :) I always buy 2 newspapers because I like to have multiple coupons if there is a good deal out there. While I was at Harris Teeter, I picked up a can of Campbell's Chunky New England Clam Chowder soup (my hubbie's fav) for 88 cents (price for non-EVIC members was 4/$6). This was the E-Vic Item of the Week. Every week there is one item that is SUPER cheap with E-Vic members. This week it was Campbell's Chunky Soup. Every couple of weeks I will get an email for a item that is FREE to E-Vic members. In recent weeks, I have gotten a free container of baby wipes and a free bottle of PowerAde. I love FREE stuff!

Anyone can sign up to be an E-Vic member. Click here to sign up. You must already be a VIC member to sign up for E-Vic Savings. Once you register, you will receive a weekly email with the Harris Teeter advertisement, special E-Vic member only discounts, and information about the E-Vic item of the week. What is the difference between a VIC member and an E-VIC member? A VIC member is someone with a Harris Teeter savings card. An E-VIC member is someone with a Harris Teeter savings card PLUS has signed up online to receive special E-VIC savings.

Oh and a special bonus while I was at Harris Teeter, I found a $5 wine tag rebate when you buy chicken, deli items or produce. Score! Hubbie bought grapes and bananas last night on his way home so I will send away for the rebate and they will now be FREE! Who said there weren't coupons for produce? :P

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