Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mail-in Rebates (also known as MIRs)

One of my favorite ways to make extra money is Mail In Rebates. Yes, I think it is fun to find mail in rebates. :) Most of the MIRs that I submit are from beer and wine companies. This week alone I received (3) $10 checks in the mail from MIRs. Thank you Bud and Miller! Here are two of the checks I received this week:

And get this! Most beer and wine rebates do NOT require you to purchase beer or wine. They do sometimes require you to buy specific products. Some of the examples of items that I have seen on Beer/Wine MIRs include chicken, beef, seafood, salty snacks, bread, produce, and deli items. The list goes on and on! These are everyday items that I buy for my family. How do I organize all my rebates?

1. I keep all my receipts together in a small rubbermaid bin. Once I find a rebate for an item, I can go to this bin and look for the item on one of my receipts. I bought the item anyway so sending away for a rebate is just a bonus!

2. Beer MIRs are usually found on a display of beer. Most often there is a poster that is attached to a stack of beer. The MIR is on this poster.

3. Wine hang tags are found around the necks of wine bottles. The last tag I found on a wine bottle was a rebate for chicken, beef, or seafood. NO Wine Purchase Required. I had just bought a ton of chicken at an awesome deal on this Harris Teeter trip. I simply circled the item on the receipt and mailed away the rebate form.

4. All rebates have date requirements so make sure your receipt date falls within the guidelines.

5. Most rebates take 6-8 weeks before you receive a check in the mail. But as I mentioned before I don't go out of my way to buy specific items to qualify for a rebate. These are items I would have purchase if there was a rebate or not.

Because I send away for so many rebates, I do maintain a spreadsheet that lists the rebate, date mailed, amount, and date check was received. I keep this spreadsheet because I like to be organized. My mom mails away for almost as many rebates as I do but she doesn't track them. So to each his own! I don't think she has ever had a problem receiving payment from the company....but because I like to be crazy-organized, I prefer to keep a spreadsheet. This way I know how much I am "making" by mailing away for MIRs.

If you have a question about MIRs, please feel free to ask. I would love to answer!


  1. uhh but I still like to buy beer anyway.

  2. Yes husband....we will still buy beer. :)

  3. An easy way to pay for gas with my rebate checks.Maw

  4. Michele, your the smartest...if there is a deal out ther you will find it! Thanks for the Big Lots coupon.