Sunday, November 1, 2009


These are all the FREE items that I received in the mail this week. Not too shabby for one week, eh?

*Two stainless steel water bottles courtesy of Michelob Ultra. I mailed away for the water bottles. It was a beer rebate offer my hubbie found at the grocery store. We didn't have to buy anything just filled out the certificate and mailed them away.

*One scotch glass from Johnnie Walker. My husband is a member of the Johnnie Walker Striding Man Society. Every so often they will have a free scotch tasting that he will go to. Well the offer this time was a free scotch glass. We did have to send $2.50 away for shipping but that is a small price to pay for something so cool. :)

*6 pieces of chocolate covered fruit from Edible Arrangements. You had to become a fan of Edible Arrangements on FaceBook and were emailed a coupon for a FREE box of chocolate covered fruit. We had strawberries and apples. YUM!

*A box of Au Gratin potatoes from Betty Crocker. I requested a free sample from Betty Crocker a few weeks ago and when I opened my mail on Saturday, there was a full size box of Au Gratin potatoes in it! There was also a coupon for $0.50 off one box of Betty Crocker potatoes. Paired with a sale or triple coupon event this will equal another free box. :)

*A coupon for a FREE bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner. I am so grateful for this one! I have sensitive skin and can only use a few kinds of shampoo and conditioner....this happens to be one I can use. :)

*NOT PICTURED - FREE Chipotle! My mom and I stopped at Chipotle on Saturday to get lunch and they were having the BOO-rito Event. I had no idea! Chipotle was giving away free entrees for Halloween. My burrito bowl was extra yummy....especially because it was free. Does food taste better when you know it is free? hahaha - I think so.

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