Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday Finals 11/27 - UNDER BUDGET!!!!!!!

Well, I finally made it under budget on the third week of my $80 Challenge. Go me! This week included an awesome Harris Teeter trip. My total before savings and coupons was $118. After coupons was $48 bucks!

Harris Teeter
Total Spent: $48.34

Total Spent: $11.01

Total Spent: $17.42

Weekly Total: $76.77

Total Monthly Budget remaining: $70.49

I'm not sure if we will make it under budget for the month because I was over the first 2 weeks, but I am sure going to try. This has been an interesting experiment for me. I think I was a little hasty to reduce my budget my $20 bucks per week. That is a lot of money to shave off one week! I will see what I end at next week and then I will reevaluate to see if we should continue with the $80 budget or increase it to $90. Either way I am under my old budget of $100 so it is a job well done. :)

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