Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Finals 11/13

This was the first week of my $80 challenge. It is my personal challenge to lower our grocery bill from $100 per week to $80 per week. Here is how I did...

Harris Teeter - 2 trips
Total Spent: $29.41

Total Spent: $27.92

Total Spent: $31.29

Weekly Total: $88.62
Total Monthly Budget remaining: $231.38

So we ended the week $8.62 over budget. :( While I would have rather started the first week under, I'll take it. We were still able to reduce our budget. I also was able to stock up on ground beef and cereal. Plus it was quite a challenge during an HT Triples week! I had to restrain myself and only get the free or almost free items. :) Wish us luck next week!

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